Rules and Regulation

1. Registration fee and monthly fee are non-refundable. In case a student cancels or misses a lesson or more, the students will be marked absent. However, if the class is cancelled due to absence of the trainer, then the school will reschedule the class.

2. If a student leaves the school and takes a break from the school, their registration will remain valid for 3 months from the date of last attendance. Thus, if the student rejoins within 1 month he or she need not pay the admission fee again. However, a rejoining fee of INR 500 will be applicable.

3. All changes and queries related to extra lessons, time tables, payments, holidays, etc have to be communicated to the school office only. Teachers will not be able to help students on these issues.

4. Students need not carry their own instruments for learning. The school will provide all study material. However students appearing for LCM examination are required to purchase original copy of the examination pieces.
Students appearing for exams are required to pay examination fee fixed by LCM Examination Board (amount will vary depending on the grade). This fee is not included in student’s tuition fee.

5. The school works for 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. The schedule of holidays will be displayed on the school’s notice board from time to time.

6. The school year is divided into four terms of three months each, viz. January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December and full term fees are to be paid by cheque / cash.
Students attending instrumental music classes are taught individually by the teachers. Voice classes and theory classes may be held either individually or in groups.

7. The batch and day for music classes will be fixed as per the convenience of the teacher and the student. The timings so fixed will not be changed during the course of the terms.

8. Students should attend the classes regularly. Students whose attendance is irregular or who is absent frequently and for long period without prior intimation would be removed from the rolls. The Director reserves the right to terminate the student any time, if their work or discipline is found to be unsatisfactory.
In all matters, decisions of the Director shall be final and irrevocable.

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