Music Grade Exams

From percussion to piano, saxophone to singing, we provide a wide range of Grade and Certificate exams designed to nurture musical development at every level. London College of Music graded music exams are designed to provide a structured learning framework which evaluates a student’s progress at every level. Music exams equip learners with real-life skills to help them become confident musicians and performers. LCM exams are internationally recognised, with UCAS points available at the higher grades.

Why LCM music exams?

Choice and flexibility – with the widest choice available in Technical Work and Supporting Tests, and an exciting range of repertoire, LCM graded exams allow candidates to play to their strengths and express their individuality. Also, there are no theory prerequisites for LCM practical exams.

A wide range of helpful publications – available to support music education, our publications are developed in collaboration with leading composers in education.

The ideal partner for music services – LCM provides an internationally accredited, formal assessment process through an innovative diagnostic mark scheme within a flexible and contemporary suite of exams and publications.

Grade Exams
  • Initial to Grade 8
  • Three Pieces (3 x 22 marks)
  • Technical Work: choose Scales & Arpeggios or a Technical Study
  • Supporting Tests: choose two from Aural, Improvisation, Sight Reading and Musical Knowledge
Certificate Exams
  • Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced
  • No Technical Work or Supporting Tests
  • Programme of pieces for each level: Foundation 8-10 mins, Intermediate 15-20 mins, Advanced 25-30 mins
  • Repertoire lists available on the LCM website but up to one third of the programme can be the candidate’s own choice

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